The Ultimate Collection of Celsius Customer Support Resources, Vol. 1

Got questions? We’ve probably answered them before. Check out this list of resources for the insights and information you need to achieve your financial freedom.

Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve seen some unprecedented growth in our community! As we continue on our way to bring the next 100 million people to crypto, we’re constantly using your feedback to improve our products and services to allow anyone and everyone to access the only financial platform built in your best interest.

One of our biggest challenges and priorities at the moment is scaling our customer support team and help-center resources to provide you with the level of service we know you deserve and the standards that we set for ourselves. The Celsius team is working around the clock to respond to open support tickets and resolve all issues, and as we grow, we anticipate a much more proactive and user-friendly approach to ensure comprehensive customer success.

You can contact our support team by emailing To speed up response time, we recommend the following:

  • Email us from the email address associated with your Celsius account.
  • If you need to follow up, respond to your current ticket, don’t open a new ticket.

For department-specific questions, you can email us at one of the addresses below:

If you’re currently waiting for a response from our support team or have more general questions about Celsius, the resources below can help provide some supplementary insights and answers.

General Self-Help Support Resources:

▶️ Check out our video playlists of Frequently Asked Questions and App Tutorials.

📚 Read through the articles published in the Celsius Help Center to get step-by-step answers to your pressing questions.

📝 Head over to the Celsius blog or Alex Mashinsky’s personal blog for additional insights and updates about Celsius.

🔴 Catch up on the weekly AMAs or submit a question to get answered in this week’s live stream with the Celsius team.

🔍 Do your own research at community-built sites like

🔗 Join Celsius communities on Twitter and Reddit to chat with others like yourself!

🤖 Say hi to Dana, our new support bot on the Celsius website! She can also help answer general questions and provide additional support resources.

Self-Help Resources by Topic:

🎁 Promo Codes

At Celsius, we pride ourselves on being the most rewarding company in crypto! To learn more about how to use promo codes, what kinds of promo codes Celsius offers, how to check if a promo code worked, and more, watch the videos and read the articles below.

✅ Registration & KYC

In order to take advantage of Celsius products like earning rewards, borrowing against your crypto, and buying coins, you need to have a verified Celsius account by completing a process known as KYC (Know Your Customer). Here are some additional links that provide more information about the KYC process and how to complete your profile verification.

💵 Crypto-backed Loans

If you have an active loan or require additional assistance regarding loans, you should contact our loans team directly by emailing Our leading ladies of lending also recently hosted a crypto-backed loans AMA. You can watch the video and find more resources and information about Celsius loans below.

🤑 Earning Rewards

Celsius supports over 35 cryptocurrencies that can earn rates up to 18% APY paid out weekly. Annual rates on supported coins are subject to change week-to-week based on market conditions. The most current rates are always listed in the Celsius app and on the Celsius website. You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions about rewards in the Celsius Help Center.

🔐 Security

Your security is our number one priority at Celsius. We have a robust security infrastructure and a talented team of industry-leading experts working 24/7 to ensure that your funds and your information are safe. Your Celsius app also provides a comprehensive overview of your personal security based on which app security features you’ve enabled for your account. Check out our AMA with our CSO Shiran Kleiderman and CTO Nuke Goldstein, and find more security insights and resources in the list below.

📲 Celsius App 101

Whether you’re a Celsius newbie or just a little crypto-curious, these resources will help you get set up with your Celsius app and provide more information about how to make the most of your Celsius experience.

We hope this collection of self-help customer support resources help you on your way to financial freedom! In the coming weeks and months, Celsius will be implementing new customer service processes, options, and resources to ensure that as we get bigger, we keep getting better, too.

Do you have any good resources or recommendations to add to this list? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share this post to help your friends and family join the Celsius journey to financial freedom 🚀

About Celsius

Celsius is a democratized reward-earning and crypto lending platform accessible via a mobile app. Built on the belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interests of the community, Celsius is a modern platform where membership provides access to curated financial services that are not available through traditional financial institutions. Crypto holders can earn rewards by transferring their coins to their Celsius Wallet and can borrow USD or stablecoins against their crypto collateral at interest rates as low as 1% APR.

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