Let’s Talk Promo Codes.

Let’s start with the basics. What types of codes are there?

  • Referral Codes: Referral codes have the main purpose of bringing new people in to join Celsius. Any new users can activate your referral code at the time of signup to create their account. Once that’s done, as soon as they transfer at least $400 to their Celsius account, you will both receive $50 in BTC. (Notes: you must enter the actual referral code in the text box, even if a referral link was used. CelPay transfers do not activate promo codes.)
  • First Transfer: Only users who have never transferred coins are eligible to activate first transfer promo codes. Please note: You can only activate one first transfer promo code per account. Since first transfer codes are designed for new users, you can either use a first transfer promo code or a referral code while signing up, you can’t use both.
  • General Transfer: New and existing users can transfer any kind of cryptocurrency, stablecoin, or gold token to meet the general transfer promo code conditions. Multiple coins can also be used to fulfill the required transfer amount. (Notes: This amount must equal the required USD $ value. The amount is recorded at the time of the addition to the app.)
  • Coin-Specific Transfer: New and existing users can transfer a specific coin or coins to meet the coin-specific transfer promo code requirements. Eligible coins will be clearly stated in the promo code. Some promo codes may not be available to users in some jurisdictions if the coin is not supported by Celsius or where other limitations and regulations may apply. (Notes: Do not enter these codes if you’re unable to add the coins. Celsius is unable to terminate the code and will have to allow it to naturally expire over time. This could prevent any additional promo codes from activating if entered after.)

*Celsius’ services, and any products or services mentioned, may not be available in all jurisdictions.
**Subject to Celsius’ General Promo Terms & Conditions

How To: Activate a promo code

1. Open the Celsius app
2. From mobile app, tap the ‘profile’ then ‘promo codes’. From the web app, click ‘promotions’ from the dashboard.
4. Enter in [ CODE ] (promo will show as “pending”)
5. Type your promo code and click “Confirm”
(Your promo code will show as “Pending” until you have transferred in enough funds to “Lock” the promo code”)
Congrats! You have successfully activated your promo code. 😎

So let’s say Celsius dropped three FIRE new Avalanche promo codes and I wanted to use all of them… assuming I read the T&Cs and the promo code was available in my jurisdiction where Avalanche is supported by Celsius or where other limitations and regulations may not apply.

How to: Use multiple Coin-Specific Transfer promo codes (AVAX — edition)

*Note that these rules also apply to General Transfer promo codes

1. Find the “Promo Code” button in your app

2. Enter in “AVAX20” (promo will show as “pending”)

3. Enter in “AVAX150” (promo will show as “pending”)

4. Enter in “AVAX600” (promo will show as “pending”)

5. Transfer or buy $25,550+ AVAX (all three promos will show as “locked”)

6. Do not transfer AVAX from your app for: 90 days for AVAX20/AVAX150 and 180 days for AVAX 600

7. Once the respective holding period is finished, all promo codes will show as “claimed” and AVAX will be rewarded to your account

TIP: You can use all three different “AVAX” promo codes, but you cannot use the same promo code more than once.

TIP: If you’re planning on using multiple promo codes at once, the order of activation matters. Best practice is to enter the promo code with the lowest amount required first.

Head to the Celsius App to take advantage of these promo codes!

* The company reserves the right to cancel this Promotion at any time

* Funds must be transferred within 30 days of activating your promo code. You must maintain an account balance, equal to or greater than your balance after completing your transfer. Transferring assets out of your account within 90/180 days of completing your transfer will disqualify you from receiving your reward. Rewards are distributed after 90/180 days of maintaining a qualifying account balance. This promo code is valid for new and existing users. This promo is limited — One-time use per promo code per customer. Customers cannot swap out of AVAX during promo lock-up period. The company reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. T&C’s apply: celsius.network/promotion-rules.

Commonly asked questions.

Q. Where can I find official, active promo codes?

A. On our website at celsius.network/download-app

Q. What are the four promo code statuses?


  • Pending: promo code has been entered and is waiting for the required coin amount
  • Locked: you have transferred the required amount of coins needed
  • Claimed: you have transferred the required amount of coins needed AND successfully waited for the lock period to end (usually 30, 60, or 90 days). Bonus amount will be rewarded to your account.
  • Canceled: the promo code is no longer valid. This could mean you transferred the coins out of the app too early, or you did not transfer enough coins.

Q. Can I use the same promo code more than once?
A. No! You cannot use the same promo code twice (or three times, or four times, you get the gist)

Q. Can I transfer existing coins out, then back in, to lock a promo code?
A. No! You must add new coins to activate codes. Existing coins in the app will not trigger promo codes. You cannot transfer your coins out, enter a code, then add that back in to activate the code. This is not considered new coins and can be viewed as abusing the promo code system (which can result in account suspension). Don’t do this.

Q. How long do I need to hold my coins?
A. You must hold the coins for the required minimum holding period stated in the T&Cs.

Q. How are promo codes honored?
A. Promo codes are honored “First in, First out”. Meaning all coins transferred into Celsius will be honored for the first promo code you entered and is labeled as “Pending”. You must fill these codes in the order in which they were activated. (Notes: if you activate a Coin-Specific Transfer promo code for Bitcoin, then activate a general transfer promo code, you will need to meet the terms for the first activated code by transferring the required amount of Bitcoin, then fulfill the requirements for the second promo code by transferring the required amount in any coin. A single transfer will not qualify and lock both codes)

Q. I used a referral code, but want to use a first transfer promo code. What can I do?
A. If you used a referral code at sign-up, you will be unable to use a first transfer promo code. We cannot delete the referral code and activate a first transfer promo code. Don’t worry, you can still transfer $400+ so you and your referral both get $50 in BTC. (Creating a new account to circumvent this will be viewed as abusing the system, which can result in account suspension)

Q. Can I use any/every coin-specific promo code that comes out?
A. No! Some promo codes may not be available to users in some jurisdictions if the coin is not supported by Celsius or where other limitations and regulations may apply. If you cannot see the coin supported in your app, do not activate the coin-specific promo code.

Q. Will the Celsius Swap feature potentially have an effect on promo code locking or canceling? (Assuming I have access to Swap, and Swap is available in my jurisdiction)
A. You cannot swap the asset required to lock the promo code. This will cancel the promotion.

Q. Will taking a loan affect my promo codes?
A. Loans should not affect promo codes if you remove only the loan amount. If this does terminate a code, please email loans@celsius.network and they will resolve matters.

Some other (not-so-fun) fun facts.

  • All the required amounts shown in the T&Cs are in USD value not the number of coins
  • You can either transfer coins into the app or purchase new coins in the app to activate a promo code
  • A promo code has to be entered and “pending” in the app, before coins can be added
  • We cannot back-date promo codes
  • You must enter the promo code first, then add the required coins. It will not work in reverse order
  • Promo codes can not be canceled, once entered into the app. You will need to wait until the end of the lock period for the promo code to show as “expired”
  • Once the code is shown as “locked”, the value of the coins does not matter. As long as you hold for the required period of time and do not remove any coins from the app
  • You can not use CelPay to send coins to someone else to activate their code. This can be viewed as abusing the promo code system (which can result in both parties being suspended)
  • Please allow for 24 hours after your promo code unlock date for rewards to become available. If this does not unlock after this period of time, please reach out to the care team via our website request form by selecting “Promo Code” under “App Feature”. Our care team will be able to handle your request efficiently, please do not open multiple tickets
  • You must maintain an account balance of equal or greater of your total account at the time you added the coins to lock the code. The best practice is to not transfer any coins during this period of time (if possible)

Last, but certainly not least. Do not forget to read the “Terms & Conditions” for each promo code.

If you think you’ve followed all of these steps and you’re still experiencing any issues related to promo codes, please Submit A Request With Our Care Team.

- Team Celsius

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