Important Celsius Update for our Users in the United States

Launch of our new Custody solution; Service changes for new coins in compliance with United States regulation

2 min readApr 11, 2022


Introducing Celsius’ Custody Solution

Today, we are writing to give our community advance notice of upcoming changes, which will go into effect on April 15, 2022. These changes provide a path forward for our users in the United States to continue holding coins and earning rewards with Celsius.

As we previously have acknowledged, Celsius has been working closely with regulators around the world. It is our intention to be as transparent with our community as possible. More specifically, we have been in ongoing discussions with United States regulators regarding our Earn product. As a result, there will be changes to the way our Earn product will work for users based in the United States.

How these changes will impact our users:

  • All coins transferred to Celsius by users in the United States prior to April 15, 2022, will continue to earn rewards. Those existing coins will continue to earn rewards for as long as they remain in their Earn accounts.
  • On April 15, 2022, Celsius will be launching a new Custody solution for users in the United States. Custody will serve as the centerpiece of your home for crypto, providing a secure way to navigate across Celsius’ products, including store, access, borrow, spend, earn and grow.¹
  • New transfers made by non-accredited investors in the United States will be held in their new Custody accounts and will not earn rewards. Non-accredited investors can continue to swap, borrow, and transfer within their Custody accounts based on their local jurisdiction.
  • For users in the United States, all coins posted as collateral against a loan that is opened prior to April 15, 2022, will be returned to their Earn accounts when the loan is repaid. Those coins will resume earning rewards for as long as they remain in their Earn accounts.
  • Verified accredited investors in the United States will be able to add new coins into their Earn accounts, where they will continue to earn rewards. For additional information on how to become an accredited investor, contact us at or read more.
  • Users located outside of the United States will be unaffected by these changes. They will continue to have access to all of the products and services available to them prior to these changes.

Celsius will never stop advocating for financial freedom, and we thank our community for their ongoing support. We will continue to provide updates as we engage with regulators and ensure the delivery of our services to our users globally.

¹ Please note that users in some US jurisdictions will not have access to the Custody service at this point due to local licensing requirements.




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