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Disclaimer: The following information is not investment advice.

The CEL utility token is now listed on, a leading international cryptocurrency exchange ranked #8 on BTI’s list of top exchanges by real volume. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Liquid’s platform to buy, trade, and CEL

1. Sign up or sign in to to the platform

Sign in to your existing account, or follow the onscreen guides and fill in the required information to create your free account on New users must confirm their email address before accessing any of Liquid’s services.

2. Add funds to your Liquid account.

Add crypto or fiat to your Liquid account to access trading features on their platform. Liquid provides a user-friendly guide on how to add Euros using a credit card or debit card.

3. Select “Trade” from the main menu on

Buy CEL with ease via the trade platform. Under the “Trade” tab on the main menu, select “Spot Trading” from the dropdown.

4. Chose your CEL pairing: CEL/BTC or CEL/ETH

Liquid currently supports BTC/CEL and ETH/CEL pairings, meaning CEL can be only be purchased using BTC or ETH. Select one of these pairings from the dropdown menu on the spot trading platform.

5. Place your buy order.

Enter your order details in the space provided on the right-hand section of your screen and select “Place Buy Order”. Once placed, follow the onscreen guides to complete your purchase.

How To Transfer CEL from Liquid to your Celsius Network wallet

1. Find your unique CEL address associated with your Celsius wallet.

To find your CEL address, from the home screen on your Celsius app select “Deposit” then choose “CEL” from the dropdown menu.

2. Create a Withdrawal Request from your account.

Follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your CEL address in order to begin your withdrawal request.

3. Confirm your CEL address via email.

You should receive an email confirmation to verify your withdrawal request. Please note that a withdrawal request is automatically canceled if it is not confirmed within 30 minutes of submitting the request.

4. Your CEL should appear in your Celsius wallet within 24-hours.

Liquid “processes withdrawals once a day at 15:00 UTC,” however, non-BTC or ETH requests will NOT be processed on Saturdays or Sundays.

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