Celsius Successfully Integrates Chainlink Oracles as Key Component of its Pricing Services

  • High Quality Data — Price data is sourced from a multitude of premium data aggregators like Amberdata and BraveNewCoin, which ensure price feeds have strong market coverage across all trading environments without relying on any single source of truth.
  • Secure Infrastructure — Its price feeds are secured by a decentralized network of independent, security reviewed, and Sybil resistant node operators run by leading security terms such as Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems.
  • Industry Leader — Chainlink Price Feeds are the most widely adopted and time-tested decentralized price oracle solution available, already securing billions of dollars in USD value throughout the DeFi and Cefi ecosystems.
  • Transparent Processes — All decentralized price feeds are supported by transparent and intuitive visualizations, which allows our users to independently monitor the real-time performance of price feed networks and its oracle nodes to ensure they are always getting a reliable and accurate market price.

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