Celsius Security: Maximizing Business Continuity & Cybersecurity Readiness

Celsius conducts ongoing tabletop and hands-on business continuity exercises for cybersecurity resiliency.

At Celsius, your security is always our number one priority. We’re committed to only ever acting in your best interest, which means safety and security are at the core of everything we do. From our group of dedicated experts working 24/7 to monitor our systems and the broader threat landscape to state-of-the-art security infrastructure, Celsius is proud to offer one of the most robust and dynamic crypto and finance cybersecurity solutions in the industry.

In order to maximize our awareness and readiness, Celsius conducts ongoing tabletop exercises, cybersecurity attack simulations, and business continuity and disaster recovery drills. This type of practice is relatively unique in the crypto space and allows Celsius to operate from a proactive and forward-thinking perspective. Our main goal is to keep client assets safe and secure, as well as the overall security posture of our platform and ecosystem, and to ensure our operations continue to run smoothly without interruptions.

Our security group regularly conducts training through various scenarios: Protecting our clients and the company from fraud, ransomware, denial of service attacks, technical failures, “blackouts”, and many more scenarios.

The simulations include the following — verifying that all our controls and processes are in place:

  1. Verifying that we have the needed preventive security controls, as well as detection capabilities.
  2. Applying the relevant security controls and procedures during crisis management.
  3. Verifying business continuity when facing various disaster scenarios. (COVID-19 showed that we can work remotely — end to end.)
  4. Verifying that our incident response playbooks are intact with current and future cyber threats.
  5. Practice and improve incident response decision-making and processes.

Everything that we do is designed to reflect the most current and realistic challenges our sector and ecosystem are expected to face in the emerging cybersecurity landscape. The only effective way to ensure cyber readiness and to prevent incidents is to have a commanding view across the organization, and a clear picture of one’s internal and external threat maps.

Bottom Line: We maximize cyber awareness and readiness to keep your assets protected, always.

You can get even more security insights on the Celsius website, or head over to our Help Center to learn more about how you can keep your Celsius account and all your online accounts safe and secure.

About Shiran

Shiran Kleiderman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in cyber investigations, risk assessment, and cryptography — working with the top companies and professionals in the world. As our Chief Security Officer, his role is to ensure that your assets are protected by state-of-the-art technology and a highly-trained group of security experts working around the clock to act in your best interest. Shiran is a native of northern Israel, grew up in Miami, and is currently based out of our office in Tel Aviv. Prior to joining Celsius, Shiran served as the CTO for Dark Web Intelligence at K2 Intelligence and BlueVoyant.

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