Celsius Security 101

A comprehensive guide on how to keep yourself and your Celsius account safe.

5 min readMay 31, 2021


Most of us probably have some general idea of how to keep ourselves (and our data) safe in a digital world, or at least most of us probably think we do. But the odds are that most of us have been, or will be, victims of some form of cybercrime in our lifetime. Whether it’s your social network password, your social security number, or your credit card information, cybercriminals are always looking for ways to profit off of your data.

Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is dynamic, intelligent, and most of all, ruthless. Instead of an email from a Nigerian prince, a cyber attack in 2021 may look like a text from a friend, a tweet from a celebrity, or even an email attachment from your employer. Cybercriminals are finding more and more advanced ways to gain your trust through deception, impersonation, and manipulation — and it’s working. In fact, it’s estimated that cybercrime will cost the world over $10.5 trillion each year by 2025.

That’s why our commitment to your cybersecurity extends far beyond your Celsius account. We’ve invested in the best people, products, and protocols to keep our network and our community secure. From our team of dedicated experts working 24/7 to monitor our systems and the broader threat landscape to state-of-the-art security infrastructure, Celsius is proud to offer one of the most robust and dynamic cybersecurity solutions in the industry.

But in addition to the industry-leading technology we have, keeping your data and your assets secure, we are also committed to giving you the tools, resources, and insights you need to safely navigate through the entire digital ecosystem and keep all your online information and accounts secure.

Security as Celsius

Our team put together this comprehensive guide to general cybersecurity, Celsius account safety and security, and tips and best practices so that you can always be ahead of the latest threats.

General cybersecurity tips:

Use the tips and guidelines below to keep all your online accounts secure.

  • Beware of scams and phishing attempts trying to gain access to your accounts and/or personal information
  • Always use unique, strong passwords for your online accounts
  • Regularly refresh passwords
  • Use an encrypted password manager
  • Secure your devices with a strong password or biometric authentication
  • Activate 2FA via an authenticator app (if applicable)
  • Do not click on strange or suspicious links
  • Do not use public or unsecured WiFi networks
  • Do not use public or shared computers or devices
  • Verify the source before providing any confidential information
  • Check to see if your information has been exposed in any recent data leaks: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Celsius account cybersecurity tips:

Unfortunately, some cybercriminals will try to take advantage of the trust you have for Celsius with fraudulent communications designed to look like official Celsius messages.

Always remember that Celsius will NEVER ask you for confidential information such as passwords, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes. Wallets such as Metamask and Ledger are not able to connect to your Celsius account, and Celsius will NEVER ask you for access to these wallets.

In addition to the general cybersecurity tips outlined above, you can add even more layers of security to your Celsius account based on your personal security settings. When accessing your Celsius account via the mobile or web app, you should:

  • Always verify that you are accessing the official Celsius website, mobile app, and web app before providing credentials
  • Keep 2-factor-authentication enabled via an authenticator app in the settings of your Celsius account
  • Secure the email account associated with your Celsius account with 2FA
  • Enable biometric authentication (if applicable)
  • Activate HODL mode and store your HODL mode code offline
  • Lock your withdrawal addresses
  • Do not use public or unsecured WiFi networks
  • Do not use public or shared computers or devices
  • Always log out of your session when you are done

New: Password-Reset Protection.

Celsius is always looking to improve the ways we keep your Celsius account safe & secure. The latest security feature to come is Password-Reset Protection — a security feature designed to disable sensitive actions in your account for 24 hours after you reset your password. Once a password reset has been made, this feature is automatically activated, limiting actions such as withdrawing funds, sending funds via CelPay or changing withdrawal addresses. Its primary purpose is to act as an additional layer of security in case your account has potentially been compromised, to keep your funds safe. If you wish to remove this hold manually, please contact Celsius Customer Care so we can verify you are the legitimate owner of the account, through relevant ID verification. As always, if you suspect that your Celsius account might be compromised or notice any changes made without your input, please contact Celsius Customer Care.

Get a comprehensive overview of your account security settings and use your in-app security score for recommendations on how to maximize your security. For more security tips and insights, visit the Celsius Help Center.

Celsius communications security tips:

  • Always verify that you are interacting with official Celsius accounts and representatives
  • Never share personal or confidential information on social media
  • Never click links posted in group chats or on unofficial social media pages
  • Never download anything sent to you from unofficial channels or shared in unofficial group chats

Official Celsius channels include:

If you are unsure if you are interacting with an official Celsius channel or representative, call our customer care team Monday through Saturday, 10 am — 11 pm ET, at 1–866-HODL-NOW (1–866–463–5669) or email our support team at app@celsius.network for verification before providing any information to the unknown source.

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