Celsius Network Announces The Addition of Staking Coins

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Celsius Network understands the importance of expanding its footprint in order to continue providing the best yields and performance to its growing community. As we continue to lead the charge in unbanking everyone, we’re pleased to announce that moving forward Celsius is incorporating staking coins into its platform.

Why staking?

Celsius itself is staked by its own growing community and in turn, we want to offer our community the option to not only earn additional rewards by using our platform but to enable engagement with multiple coins across many facets of a coin’s operations. The majority of staking coins offer a governance capability to its investors and network operators. What is governance? It is a voice and a vote. The community can voice a proposal and in turn vote for specific proposals and suggestions.

What is staking?

Traditional Staking (also known as Proof of Stake):

Delegated Staking (also known as Delegated Proof of Stake):


How to stake with Celsius Network

What are we staking?

When can I start staking?

About Celsius Network

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