Celsius Network Announces the Addition of Hidden Fees!

Celsius customers can now access dozens of hidden fees through the crypto platform

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London, April 1, 2020 — , the industry-leading cryptocurrency interest income platform, announces the addition of dozens of hidden fees to its innovative blockchain-based platform. The addition of hidden fees comes on the heels of several major announcements from the company including , , and most notably, .

Celsius Network is best known for its mission of always acting in the best interest of its community. By providing its members with hidden fees most commonly found at traditional banks, members can now feel good that their digital assets are protected by a robust paywall of unnecessary, confusing, and just plain greedy fine-print fees.

Some crypto platforms, such as Blockfi and Nexo, have been charging both up-front fees AND hidden fees for years in an effort to bring the 700-year-old banking model to the blockchain. Since its launch, Celsius has been focused on disrupting the traditional banking model and changing the equation to provide more value for its community, which previously included a completely fee-free platform. After two years of fighting the good fight, Celsius is giving up on its innovative financial model and going back to the basics with its new mission of “profiting off the little guys, just like all those other guys.”

“By adding hidden fees to our platform, we’re securing our spot as one of the top financial institutions of our time, according to our shareholders,” said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network. “Our customers now have access to withdrawal fees, early termination fees, transaction fees, and dozens of other costly expenses previously associated with the traditional banking model. We’re going from unbanking the world to FUN-banking the world, and what’s more fun than paying for access to your own money?”

It’s widely known that almost all successful banking institutions use unnecessary fees to rack up major profits and provide exponential returns for their shareholders. Consumers have come to expect fees from their banks and often won’t question what fees they are paying or why, even though fees can often outweigh any returns a bank may provide to the customer. With members now paying for hidden fees on the Celsius platform, Celsius is sure to grow its user base, reputation, and, most importantly, shareholder profits — just like all the other big banks and crypto-lending platforms!

Seriously though, only fools charge fees.

In honor of April 1st, we thought we’d make some of the hidden fees those other guys charge available to you on the Celsius website! Document fees? You got it. Inactivity fees? YUP. Early repayment fees? Obviously.

But wait — there’s more…The Celsian that can find the most hidden fees throughout the Celsius Network website will get a hefty CelPay reward!

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How it works:

  1. Go to and try to find the fees our competitors charge hidden throughout our website
  2. Take a screenshot for each hidden fee you find
  3. Once you think you’ve found all the fees, send your screenshots to marketing@celsius.network

We won’t tell you how many fees there are to find, but the person who can find the most hidden fees in the shortest amount of time will get rewarded with $50 in crypto!

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