Celsius Customer Care Center is Now Open

Celsius is excited to announce the Las Vegas Customer Care call center is finally open and ready for your calls! Want live assistance over the phone? Our care team is prepared to assist you through a personalized, intuitive, experience at your convenience. *Subject to opening hours

Meet the Las Vegas Care Team!

📞 Phone Number:
*International toll-free number
HODL. That’s not a typo!

⏱ Hours:
Monday — Friday
8:00 AM — 11:00 PM EST

🗣 Language:

📧 Need Assistance After Hours?
Get in touch with the Care Team via our website request form. The Care Team is available 24/7 by email.

Remember: Celsius will never ask

  • For confidential information such as passwords, pins, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes.
  • To connect your Metamask, Ledger, or similar wallet to your Celsius account.
  • To transfer coins to an unknown wallet
  • To install any remote sign-in software on your computer or send you links with any kind of software to install

Always double-check the number you’re calling. Please note: it’s HODL not HOLD.

At Celsius, security is an integral part of our DNA. Keeping your assets safe and secure is our #1 priority and mission. For more, check out our “Celsius Security 101” Blog.

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