Celsius Claims Objections FAQ

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In an effort to ensure equitable voting and distributions under its forthcoming plan of reorganization, Celsius has filed, and will continue to file, claims objections (individually, an “Objection,” collectively the “Objections”) over the next several weeks. We are sharing the information below to provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions related to Objections.

Celsius Claims Objections Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there an Objection to my Proof(s) of Claim?
If you filed Proof(s) of Claim (each, a “Proof of Claim”) and received a notice of Objection from Celsius (the “Notice”), it is generally for one or more of the following reasons (there may be other reasons for Celsius to object to claims and the specific reason(s) Celsius objected to your Proof of Claim will be set forth in the Objection):

  • A. You filed a claim that was amended by a subsequently filed Proof of Claim.
  • B. You filed duplicate claims for the same liabilities.
  • C. You filed a claim which is not reflected in Celsius’ books and records and for which Celsius is not liable.
  • D. You filed a claim that does not match Celsius’ books and records because it asserts amounts greater or less than the amounts in Celsius’ books and records.
  • E. You filed a claim that does not comply with the requirements of the Bar Date Order — for example, by asserting a claim for cryptocurrency that does not detail the type and quantity of cryptocurrency held, by asserting a claim for cryptocurrency in U.S. Dollars, or by not including any supporting documentation with your Proof of Claim.
  • F. You have an inaccurately supported claim(s) because the supporting documentation provided with such Proof(s) of Claim do(es) not match the value of such claim as listed on the Proof of Claim.

2. I received an Objection. Do I still have a claim?
With certain limited exceptions, most claimants will have a surviving claim following the resolution of any objection. Please read the Objection related to your claim closely to understand the proposed treatment of your claim.

3. I did not file a Proof of Claim, but still received an Objection. Why is this?
Celsius is objecting to certain claims that were included in Celsius’ schedules and statements filed at Docket No. 974. Even if you did not file a Proof of Claim, your claim may still be objected to. The process to evaluate and respond to an Objection remains the same. The information provided in this FAQ applies equally to Objections to claims for which there is not a corresponding Proof of Claim.

4. Can I still file a Proof of Claim?
No. The bar date deadline has expired. It was originally set for January 10, 2023, and was extended to February 9, 2023.

5. Do I have an opportunity to respond to this Objection? What is the deadline to respond?
You are entitled to respond to the Objection. If you choose to file a response, the deadline to do so is seven days before the hearing on the Objection to your Proof(s) of Claim. The Notice will contain specific details on the deadline to respond to an Objection and how to respond to an Objection.

6. How can I file a response to an Objection?
If you choose to file a response, please refer to the instructions in the Notice. Responses must be in writing, include the details indicated in the Notice, and be filed with the Court by the deadline listed in the Notice.

7. How do I get a copy of my Objection?
A copy of your Objection will be sent to you by email. If Celsius has a physical mail address in connection with your Proof of Claim, you will also receive a hard-copy record. All Objections will also be available on the Court Docket.

8. Can I find my Notice online?
Individual Notices are not filed on the docket but are emailed and/or mailed to each claimant affected by an Objection. You can find the approved form of Notice at Exhibit 2 of Docket No. 2090. All of the related Objection filings can be viewed on the Court Docket, including the Approved Omnibus Claims Objection Procedures [Docket No.
2090] and all filed Objections.

9. Where can I get more information on Objections?
More information on Objections, including procedures for filing responses can be found at Docket No. 2090 on the Court Docket.

10. I have more questions, who can I contact?
If you have further questions, you can contact Celsius’ claims agent, Stretto, by email at Celsiusinquiries@stretto.com or call 855–423–1530 (U.S.) or 949–669–5873 (International).




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