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Celsius is always looking to provide the best experiences and opportunities for our community. With our goal of bringing the next 100 million people to crypto, we provide offerings to our customers that are as diverse as our community itself. We are proud to announce we are working with Paxos — one of the first regulated blockchain infrastructure platforms and a true leader in the crypto industry. Together with Paxos, we’re able to provide the crypto community with the easiest ways to earn and borrow with PAXG.

Who is Paxos and what is PAXG?

As one of the first regulated…

We’ve got $100k to giveaway — here’s how to claim your share!

Beat the summer heat with a splash of fast cash, and get a blockbuster BTC bonus, too! We’re giving $100 in BTC to the next 1,000 borrowers, so keep reading to find out how you can claim your share of our $100k giveaway!

How it works:

1. Apply for a loan through your Celsius app

This promotion is only valid for new loans of $3,000 or more at 1% APR (25% LTV). You must be one of the first 1,000 users to apply (and get approved) for a loan of $3,000 or more.

Loan applications of $3,000 or more…

Here’s an important update for Celsius users in New York and Washington.

We’re in the process of making some changes to our back-end services for Celsius customers in New York and Washington state. This update provides an overview of the “who, what, where, when, and why” for this change. Keep reading to learn more about how to ensure that your Celsius account stays up-to-date for your location.

What changes are being made?

For customers residing in New York and Washington, assets transferred to Celsius will no longer be held in custody by Prime Trust and will instead be sent to Celsius directly. …

At Celsius, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you — the community. As part of that commitment, we will always do our best to be as transparent as possible. Celsius is scaling globally at an exponential pace, and we’re focused on making strategic, sustainable decisions that allow us to keep providing our unprecedented services to as many people as possible.

Celsius provides global services to customers around the world, while our business operations have been based out of the United Kingdom. …

A comprehensive guide on how to keep yourself and your Celsius account safe.

Most of us probably have some general idea of how to keep ourselves (and our data) safe in a digital world, or at least most of us probably think we do. But the odds are that most of us have been, or will be, victims of some form of cybercrime in our lifetime. Whether it’s your social network password, your social security number, or your credit card information, cybercriminals are always looking for ways to profit off of your data.

Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is dynamic, intelligent, and most of all, ruthless. Instead of an email from a Nigerian prince…

Access your Celsius account anywhere, anytime, and on any device!

At Celsius, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you — the community. Your ideas, your feedback, and your success are all integral parts of the formula that powers Celsius day in and day out. When we heard your need to access Celsius from all of your devices, we got to work. We hired the best talent to build a sleek, secure, and easy-to-use platform. We spoke to focus groups to optimize the platform for your best interest. We tested, tested, and tested some more to ensure that we’re launching with the best version possible.

Today, we are so, so…

Get approved today to borrow stablecoins against your crypto.

If you’ve got crypto but need cash, there’s no better option than a crypto-backed loan from Celsius. You can use over 40 cryptocurrencies as collateral and customize your loan terms to get the funds you need without selling your coins. Annual rates start at just 1% — the lowest in the industry — and we never charge origination fees, late payment fees, transaction fees, closure fees… you get the idea. 😉

Celsius also provides options on how you want your loan issued. Currently, borrowers can request a loan issued in USD (fiat) or in one of six stablecoins: USDC, USDT…

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Celsius crypto-backed loans.

Last week the Celsius loans team took over our Twitter to answer your questions. Here’s a roundup of some of the most commonly asked questions and a recap of some of the topics covered during our Twitter AMA.

Where are Celsius loans available?

Celsius loans are not available in all locations. If you have the Borrow option available in your Celsius mobile app, Celsius loans should generally be available in your location.

When will you be able to offer loans in more locations?

Our team is working around the clock to provide crypto-backed loans in more locations. Our goal is to make our loans as accessible as possible, which includes expanding to new jurisdictions…

We’re celebrating two years with The Loans Queen by giving you a crypto bonus with your next loan!

At Celsius, we love to celebrate our outstanding team of experts. We’ve got over 200 employees working around the clock to build a better financial future for all of us, and today we’re celebrating one of our leading ladies of lending:

Say hi to Tal Bentov, aka The Loans Queen 👑

Check back for timely updates.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Reminder: Be aware of phishing sites and always make sure you are visiting the official website and app. Do not click on links or browse websites you suspect to be fraudulent. Interacting with phishing sites could expose your device to malware.

Celsius will never ask you for confidential information such as passwords, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes. You should store this information privately and securely and report any suspicious activity. More security tips →

For anyone that may have lost funds in the recent phishing attempts outlined below or would like to update their Celsius account email…


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